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اندوتاین ریبون


Jowl and Neck-Lift Procedures

1. Bioabsorbable fixation device features tines with tips that are 2.5mm above the platform.

2. The Endotine Ribbon’s protective cover doubles as its insertion device.

Using patented multipoint fixation technology, the bioabsorbable Endotine Ribbon implant offers unprecedented flexibility, with a variety of surgical approaches, lift vectors, degrees of lift, and ease of use.

  •  Adjustable Lift Vector and Degree of Lift — Choose your lift vector and degree of lift to suit the patient’s needs and procedure.
  •  Long or Short Device — You customize the Ribbon to the procedure and the patient’s anatomy. Trim the fixation-area or the smooth-leash length to create the best dimension for an ideal surgical outcome.
  •  Minimally-Invasive or Open Surgical Approach — The Ribbon deploys quickly and easily in a neck lift, a jowl lift, or as part of a full face lift, via a tiny incision or a fully open procedure.